Angled Pine Floating Shelf (2" Thick)

Angled Pine Floating Shelf (2" Thick)


These Solid Pine floating shelves are hand made in the UK. These solid wood shelve's are made from 100% solid pine timber.


These Solid Pine floating shelves are built with carefully selected nice and chunky pine.

  • FSC approved and responsibly resourced wood.

  • 45mm thick and range of width's from 95mm to 195mm wide planks of Pine.

  • Angled Edge.

  • Floating wall brackets supplied with all shelf's.



Dimensions are estimates and might vary slightly due to moisture content in the wood (Please allow upto 4mm difference in thickness from stated size. All Measurements are the external radius of the product.


Floating shelves can only be mounted on exterior walls, interior stone, breeze block walls or partition walls where you can locate the studs or noggins to screw the brackets into.

These simple-to-fit concealed brackets will hold up to 35kgs between 2 concealed brackets.

Installation Instructions:

    Drill a 10 mm hole and insert wall plug
    Slip washer (supplied) onto screw thread
    Screw shelf support into wall plug
    Install shelf on support as far as the knurled section
    Use an SW 10 open-ended wrench for vertical adjustment
    Finally push the shelf all the way to the wall.