Elm 2-Tier Corner Planter

Elm 2-Tier Corner Planter

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  • 17 Colour Options
  • FSC/PEFC Certified Timber
  • Treated Scandinavian Timber
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This Corner Planter is great for both long and shallow root flowers. This planter will create a attractive focal point in a corner in any garden. It has been made with quality pressure treated and FSC approved timber. It's great for growing a variety of plants in from flowers to shrubs and even herbs.


This Planter is built with high-quality deck board that is made from slow-grown Scandinavian Pine. Pressure treated for longer life and to help resist rot.

  • FSC approved and responsibly sourced wood from Scandinavia and Siberia.
  • Produced from trees at least 80 years old to create tight growth rings.

  • 22mm Thick 120mm wide creates a super strong planter.

  • Pressure treated (Gold), Guaranteed against rot and insect attack for upto 10 Years.

This Planters base boards and feet have been made with rough sawn timber from the UK. Pressure treated for longer life and to help against rot.

  • FSC approved and responsibly resourced wood from the UK

  • Produced from spruce trees.

  • Tanalith Pressure Treated (Brown / Green), guaranteed against rot and insect attack for upto 15 years.


Holes are drilled or gaps have been left in the base to allow excess water to drain out.

Dimensions are estimates and might vary slightly due to moisture content in the wood. All Measurements are the external radius of the planter. This planter will arrive 2 half's all that is required is for you to place the 2 half's together to create the complete planter.