Cadwall Pine Coffee Table

  • Lovely Tight Grain.
  • Old Growth Pine From Scandinavia.
  • Come's Fully Assembled.
Wax Colour:
  • Add one of these lovely solid pine coffee tables to your living room. With a low height and chunky luck, they will look great in any living room space. They have been built with solid wood throughout with 7 cm thick planks of pine.


    • FSC approved and responsibly sourced wood throughout.
    • Handmade from the best quality solid pine timber.
    • 70mm thick quality slown grown pine from scandinavia.
    • Lovely tight grain.
    • Tables come fully assembled and no assembly required.
    • Nice flat table top with two nice chunky legs.

    Dimensions are estimates and will vary slightly due to manual measurments and the product being handmade (Please allow upto 4mm difference in thickness from stated size of the planks. All Measurements are the external radius of the product.